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Control system migrations

We provide you with migration of old control systems into newer ones as well as migration of control systems between various manufacturers.

Due to their age, old control systems expose enterprises to losses by contributing to the following:

  • production line defects
  • difficulties in developing machine and production line functions
  • high prices of hard-to-access spare parts.
  • difficulties in finding specialists who can operate old systems


We migrate Siemens S5 control systems into S7 as well as between other manufacturers of control systems.

Migration process is not easy and requires a professional approach by understanding the control algorithm and processes occurring in the plant. Additionally, the migration time must be limited so that the enterprise is not exposed to production downtime.

Migrations benefits are as follows:

  • A newer and more stable control system.
  • Reduced number of machine and line stoppages by limiting defects.
  • Increased capabilities in terms of control system diagnostics.
  • Easier access to a group of specialists who are familiar with specific control systems.


We also assure a selection of relevant module, replacement of elements as well as delivery of full electrical documentation with the system description.