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Control system migrations

Why is it worth migrating control systems?

With technological advances and new market demands, many companies are beginning to notice that their existing control systems are outdated and no longer meet production requirements. Also one of the main reasons for migration is the fact that the control systems, e.g. Siemens S5, are outdated and it is difficult to find spare parts, which can lead to production interruptions and costs associated with maintaining the outdated system. Modern control systems based on e.g. Siemens S7-1500 PLC controllers are more advanced and easier to maintain, and also allow for easier introduction of changes and updates.

Another reason why many companies decide to migrate, for example, from Siemens S5 to S7, is that newer control systems allow for better integration with other systems, such as MES, SCADA or production management systems. Thanks to this, you can gain better control over production processes, improve efficiency and reduce production costs.

Migration is a complex process that requires careful planning, development, and testing. First of all, it is necessary to define precisely the migration goals, as well as to examine what functions are performed by the existing control system. A new control system must then be designed and integrated with other production systems. After a control system has been designed and tested, it is often necessary to reprogram devices in the entire production line, as well as make changes to technical documentation and train personnel. It is worth remembering that during the migration there may be interruptions in production, so the entire process should be carefully planned and appropriate technical support should be provided.


We carry out migrations of Siemens control systems from S5 to S7 and migrations between various other manufacturers of control systems.

The migration process is not easy, it requires a professional approach through understanding the control algorithm and the processes taking place at the facility. In addition, the migration should take a minimum of time so as not to expose the company to production downtime.

The benefits of migration include:

  • Having a newer, more stable control system.
  • Reducing the number of machine and line downtimes by reducing faults.
  • Increasing the diagnostic capabilities of the control system.
  • Facilitated access to a team of specialists familiar with a given control system.


We also offer you the selection of appropriate modules, replacement of elements as well as delivery of full electrical documentation with a description of the system.